I am saved by Grace. I am on a never-ending thrill ride with my husband and four crazy cool boys. I pretend like I'm a back up singer for my favorite bands while in the car alone. I love melted cheese on anything. I don't always eat pizza, but I do eat everyone's left over crust. I always eat two tootsie roll pops every night before I go to sleep (never the grape.)  I love people watching and making up interesting stories about them in my head.  I think that all clowns are evil and should be banned. That's all.

I can be serious when I have to. So, here is a little peek into my background. I graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Mass Communications and minors in Art & Business. My first job was for an advertising firm based in Birmingham, AL. I also worked for Nashville Parent Magazine. I owned a stationery business for six years until #3 was born. Now, I just do what I love.